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Writing about health, psychology, and the mind/body link

Linda Wasmer Andrews is a journalist and author with a master's degree in psychology. She specializes in writing about health and happiness.

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Linda Wasmer Andrews

Health Writer, Psychology Blogger

Doctors and nurses mend the body, psychologists and psychiatrists tend the mind, and scientists and statisticians mind the research. But who gathers all this information, brings it together, and distills it into practical news you can use?

That's where Linda comes in. A veteran journalist, she focuses on health, psychology, and the intersection between the two. Linda blogs for Psychology Today, and her articles have appeared on websites such as,, and She is also author or coauthor of 14 books, including the two-volume Encyclopedia of Depression.

How-Tos of Health and Happiness

Linda has a special interest in mental health, physical health, and disease prevention, but she also writes about living well with illness. Her articles are packed with down-to-earth advice, uplifting role models, and the latest research findings. She likes to think of each article as the verbal equivalent of a cup of green tea sipped with a good friend on a sunny patio: warm, inviting, and brimming with salubrious properties.